A note about projects

All open source downloads here are provided under the MIT license, unless noted elsewhere within the file or archive.

Double starred files are provided for educational or personal use only, either due to license limitations on the parent project they were contained in or license limitations on the software used to produce them. I will try to resolve these limitations as much as possible.

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Free/Open Source Projects

[Free] Rubber Band Ballista **

A small frame that takes rubber bands instead of a string. 2 parts.

.zip, Inventor/STL (2,333kB)

[Free] Mini Trebuchet **

A small frame that takes small items as counterweights. 3 parts.

.zip, Inventor/STL (0kB)

Featured Github Projects

These should also be accessible from my Github profile. If not, let me know.

Game Loop Template

My take on deWiTTERS' Game Loop. Works well with single-thread applications; you might need to modify it for multi-thread use, but the loop itself shouldn't cause any thread hangs.

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Combo Based OIS Input Manager

A fast input manager I'm working on that supports combos (e.g. the Konami code, Street Fighter combos, single key presses). Fully rebindable, modular and supports simultaneous use of multiple OIS devices (gamepad, keyboard, etc.).

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